Frequently Asked Questions

MicroBuddies is a new, collectible NFT breeding game created by the publicly traded company, Good Gaming!

GOO is an ERC-20 Fungible-Token on the Polygon blockchain that’s produced and held by MicroBuddies based on the production power of their dominant traits, rarity, generation, fertility, and the global “peg” value, which is a soft cap on the supply of GOO designed to control for inflation and keep GOO valuable.

GOO can be spent in the MicroBuddies game world to replicate other MicroBuddies and improve their traits in future generations. Most of the GOO spent in-game is permanently burnt from the supply.

Good Gaming is an innovative brand leading the gaming industry across multiple segments in the space since 2008. Beginning with our roots as a collaborative space for gamers to share their knowledge, we went on to establish ourselves as one of the leaders in hosting Hearthstone tournaments.

In 2016, we expanded our reach to include establishing multiple Minecraft servers with some of the most popular versions of Prison and SkyBlock, then developing our completely custom-developed NFT blockchain game, MicroBuddies™ in 2021.

The Good Gaming advantage comes from our development team’s close relationship with the player communities of all of our games. The constant communication and resulting feedback further expand our proprietary content, and we continue to be influencers in the realm. Good Gaming continues to find exciting and innovative ways to branch across the gaming industry. As a staff and community, our goal is to cement our place as a fun and collaborative place for ALL gamers to enjoy.

Ensure you are logged into your MetaMask account (click on the fox in your extensions at the top right of the browser). After that, simply click the connect wallet button at the top of the site! A detailed tutorial for purchasing Nano Factory Tokens can be found here.

Head over to https://metamask.io from a supported desktop web browser (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge) and download the extension! After that, you’ll need to follow the instructions MetaMask provides to complete the setup. Make sure you keep your private key secure and where you won’t lose it!

The only way for anyone else to obtain MicroBuddies at launch is by purchasing one from YOU, the Nano Factory Token holders. That means the market for MicroBuddies is entirely peer-2-peer.

NO. You should NEVER share your private key. Anyone with your private key has access to all of your funds, and nobody can refund you if they are stolen.

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