Cute, lovable, self-replicating NFT microbes!


In the year 2021, 2500 novel microbes were discovered in an abandoned Nano Factory. There were ten unique species, each with their own unique genetic makeup and the ability to self-replicate by consuming their own byproduct; GOO. Due to their unique appearances and endearing behaviors, these microbes, and all that would come after them, became known as MicroBuddies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microbuddies?

MicroBuddies is a new, collectible NFT & DeFi breeding game created by the publicly traded company, Good Gaming!

What are Nano Factory Tokens?

Nano Factory Tokens are an Ethereum ERC20 Fungible-Token that will be purchasable exclusively during the MicroBuddies Genesis Event. Nano Factory Tokens will undergo three price increases during the Genesis Event. Starting at 0.05 Ethereum, they will advance to 0.1 ETH and 0.15 ETH respectively with each new game phase.

Each Nano Factory token will be redeemable for one of a maximum of 2,500 randomly generated gen 0 MicroBuddy NFTs (ERC721 Non-Fungible-Token) when the game launches.

What is GOO?

GOO is a cryptocurrency on Ethereum (ERC20 Fungible-Token) that's produced passively by Microbuddies based on the production power of their dominant traits, rarity, generation, fertility, and the "global peg" value, which is a soft-cap on the supply of GOO designed to control for inflation and keep GOO valuable.

GOO can be spent in the MicroBuddies game world to replicate other MicroBuddies and improve their traits in future generations. Most of the GOO spent in game is permanently burnt from the supply.

Why is the gas fee so high?

Typically, the gas fee should be only a few dollars, or less than 0.01 ETH. MetaMask will display an incorrect gas fee if your wallet does not have enough ETH to pay the standard gas fee!

I purchased a Nano Factory Token, why isn't it showing up in my MetaMask account?

Click on the metamask extension in your browser, scroll to the bottom and click "Add Token", then go to "Custom Token" and put this in the token address field: 0x9413a78a11ad4479dd1e89cbcab6f6e601ad1c8c


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