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Welcome to the World of MicroBuddies!

The water bear collection - sold out

NEW! PFP Project

The next evolution of MicroBuddiesTM is a series of new digital collectible PFP Projects called The Genesis Collections, the first of which features the most covetable Water Bear.

The Water Bear Collection is a NEW Ethereum PFP project facilitating a value-based ecosystem. This collection is unique because it feeds directly into other areas of the MicroBuddies brand such as our game on Polygon and GOOTM.


In 2021, 2,500 novel microbes were discovered in an abandoned Nano Factory. There are 10 unique species, each with a unique genetic makeup and the ability to self-replicate from their own byproduct: GOO!

Due to their endearing behaviors, these microbes, and all that would come after them, became known as MicroBuddiesTM.

During gameplay, each replication spawns a next generation MicroBuddy - with unique appearances and enhanced GOO production. Use GOO to multiply and strategically evolve your MicroBuddies into tradable NFTs.

nano factory buddies
nano factory buddies

MicroBuddies WorldTM

On Roblox!

MicroBuddies is broadening its demographic reach by expanding into Robolox!

The MicroBuddies-themed virtual world experience is designed to capture the imagination by immersing its visitors in engaging quests, fun contests, and competitive games.

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