The Genesis collections

PFP Project

The Genesis collections

The next evolution of MicroBuddiesTM is a series of new collectible PFP Projects called The Genesis Collections.

The MicroBuddies community is the cornerstone to our effort to demonstrate the power of tokenized ownership. The Genesis Collections are designed to support this tokenized ownership with a multi-year roadmap comprised of 10 premium NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The water bear collection - sold out

The Water Bear Collection is the first of The Genesis Collections project. It's a new Ethereum PFP project and the centerpiece of the MicroBuddies ecosystem focused on a value-based feedback loop.

Everything we do at MicroBuddies is meticulously crafted to provide value to our holders. The Water Bear Collection will feed into the rest of the MicroBuddies ecosystem, including our game on Polygon where Generation 0 holders will receive a free mint and the Water Bears can be fed GOOTM produced exclusively in-game.

All that comes after the Water Bear Collection incorporates these bears as a source of value and utility in the same way.