MicroBuddiesTM is on Roblox!

Microbuddies world experience

Welcome to the new and enhanced version of MicroBuddies TM World!

Players will be introduced to an upgraded central lobby space with transporter portals that will function as gateways to forthcoming games. Players will also experience a completely new user interface (UI), redesigned map adventures, plus exciting new features, items, and functionality that will be continuously unveiled over the coming months.

The new version also features an upgraded arcade where players can win items to enhance gameplay and their Roblox avatars. The game will also offer new MicroBuddies companions to create a greater sense of immersion during gameplay.

Super craft brothers brawlTM

Coming Soon to Roblox

Super Craft Brothers Brawl TM is a highly-competitive player versus player (PvP) game made famous on the Minecraft platform for its distinctive class loadouts, custom maps, fast twitch gameplay, and themed items.

Players will be given a host of items to enhance gameplay as they take their skills to the next level! These items will include splash potion of death, witch broom, high damage swords, health potions, speed potions, damage upgrades, armor upgrades, fire launchers, "Pokeballs" aka MB Eggs, and more!

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