Douglas "Fluxty" Wathen

Crypto and Gaming Director

David B. Dorwart


JD Hilzendager

Executive VP and GM

Sam Schwieters

Narrative Design & Community Lead

David Sterling


Jordan Axt

VP of Marketing

Domenic Fontana

SVP of Finance

Layal Wathen

Community Ambassador, Art

Roger Hovland



MicroBuddiesTM is an NFT art replicating game. Use your strategy and skill to maximize the rarity and collectability of your MicroBuddy NFTs.

Each MicroBuddy produces GOO, the in game currency which fuels the multiplication of MicroBuddies, starting from just one parent.

The number of MicroBuddy permutations are almost endless! Create the most unique MicroBuddies to collect or trade on OpenSea, while also maximizing your GOO production!


Good Gaming is a publicly-traded gaming company with the vision to create engaging, interactive experiences with communities across the gaming, digital collectible, and virtual world spaces.

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with our players and actively understand their needs and wants for future releases, giving our community a sense of ownership in the game space.

One of Good Gaming’s newest creations, MicroBuddies, is an addictively fun way to bring together strategic gaming and digital collectibles. Players are able to create their own NFT art which they can trade, sell, or collect!

Good Gaming continues to find exciting and engaging ways to innovate across the gaming industry. As a brand and, most importantly, a community, our goal is to preserve a space for fun and collaborative games that ALL gamers can enjoy.


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